JANUKA Achievements (2018) : Dance Around the World

In October we were allocated 20 minutes to showcase the Jamaican Quadrille at Dance Around the World – Festival of International Dance, at Cecil Sharp House – Camden- North West London. This is one of our regular annual performances on this beautiful dance floor. I could sense the concentration of spectators as we danced in ballroom and camp styles. They showed their appreciation in applause.

Feedback from organiser

“Thank you so much for JANUKA’s superb performance at Dance Around the World 2018. We have already received many very appreciative comments from festival visitors praising the outstanding high quality of all the performances at the event. The audience was certainly delighted and quite galvanised, by your beautiful, elegant and warm performance. We are aware of the amount of work that goes into preparing performances and we are very grateful. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you personally for being our contact, yet again, and helping us with the arrangements leading up to the event. It was such a pleasure to welcome you and JANUKA back to Dance Around the World this year. Would you please pass on our thanks and congratulations to everyone in the group” (Anne)

West Wiltshire Black History Month Event – Trowbridge 2018

In October, we travelled in inclement weather on British Rail to Trowbridge in West Wiltshire to take part in their Black History Month – Windrush Generation Celebrations. This was a long tedious journey, due to rail strike action, but a worthwhile experience for us outside of London.

Feedback from organisers

“ I want to say a massive thank you to you and the whole group for the wonderful activities on Saturday. We have had lots of great feedback…..We are so grateful that you managed to overcome the travel issues and appreciate what a very long day it was for you ——- I will be shouting JANUKA’s name to everyone I meet” (Terry)

A big Thank you -From JANUKA

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