Tribute to JANUKA – Passion – Pride- Inspirational – Empowering

We booked JANUKA initially as a dance company to deliver a Quadrille dance workshop but soon learned that they were much more.

We were entertained and educated about the history and context of Quadrille that dated back many years to colonialism in the Caribbean.
Each workshop delivered was intergenerational bringing old, young, and different cultures together.

Our clients and audiences enjoyed every step of the dance that led them from the past to the present. It was a journey that allowed some of our Caribbean elders to reminisce as they exchanged steps and laughter with the next generation, and admired the beautiful bright coloured costume worn by the dancers.

Passion and a sense of pride are demonstrated in JANUKA performances and this is transferred to their audiences.

Beverley, the proprietor, is just as passionate about food as she is of dancing. This was demonstrated when she co-hosted a presentation at our Caribbean food exhibition at Woolwich Library in 2022.

We are therefore honoured to pay Tribute to JANUKA, a truly inspirational music, dance and talking school of learning. Thank you for keeping a very important part of our history alive.

The Tramshed; 41 Woolwich New Road, London SE18 6ES

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