About Quadrille Dancing

We believe Quadrille dancing is an affirmation of the free spiritedness, inner strength, wisdom and versatility our ancestors (represented here by the Doctor Bird) demonstrated  in captivity. Most importantly, their resilience, compassion, unison, camaraderie, love, hope and determination to survive enslavement.

Their belief in the enduring strength of the human spirit to overcome pain and suffering through the creative process of dance is astounding.

Generations of Quadrille dancers

JANUKA dancers

We value fond memories of childhood days  in Jamaica when Quadrille was danced by our fore-parents as a central feature of village fairs, concerts, and family gatherings.

We are proud to promote Quadrille dancing in the UK, across all communities, cultures and age groups, as a positive hallmark of our Jamaican heritage.

What Januka uses this historical dance for

increase positive awareness, and respect for our ancestors’ strong values and beliefs.

recapture the discipline of collective expressions, Create unique interpretations of self, the camaraderie, creative merrymaking and frivolity, embodied in Quadrille dancing.

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