Tribute to JANUKA – Phenomenal JANUKA Dancers

In 2018 I met Beverley the founder of JANUKA, The Quadrille Dance Group.

I was invited to a show and was immediately astounded by its uniqueness and its educational significance. I found their performance exquisite, breath-taking and mesmerising. Their movements are sharp and precise. The sequence of their dancing intrigued me as it included numerical sequence, geometrical patterns and shapes in their various amazing bright and colourful costumes.

I took every opportunity to attend any workshop they held, because I wanted them to perform for me personally. This happened five years later at my birthday gathering. Not only was the dance sublime but they included me in a short sequence. I was thrilled and in awe to be able to dance with this amazing dance group.

My guests were engaged and captivated by the way our enslaved ancestors’ experiences were woven into the dance routines. They were delighted to be invited to join in the movements and routines, finding them so educational. Below are some of their comments:

  1. The JANUKA dance group were not only entertaining to watch but hearing the cultural history of the dances brought them even more to life.
  2. It was brilliant to see the JANUKA Quadrille Dance group performing. They were co- ordinated, moved timely with the music and were quite pleasant doing such an old-fashioned dance however historically…..
  3. The leader of the group also spoke about the history of the dance and how it got its name. This was quite educational for most of us especially the younger generation who are not familiar with the quadrille dance.
  4. Very entertaining. It was lovely to see the dances. Seeing the dances was wonderful, but what I found enlightening and educational is the historical explanation of how the dances came about.
  5. Thank you so much for JANUKA’s superb performance at your birthday celebrations. What a wonderful experience. I loved the explanation at the end of the performance as to the meaning of the well-presented dance routines……
  6. The audience was certainly delighted and it was wonderful to see so many people joining in with the dances. I am sure that there is a tremendous amount of work that goes into preparing performances and it was a joy to watch.  Thanks
  7. What an amazing performance from JANUKA! It was really good to learn the history of this dance and learn more about Jamaica. Everyone was engaged, and so much fun was had in the audience participation section. Thank you for making the evening special.
  8. The JANUKA Quadrille Dance Group is so brilliant. It was so enjoyable watching them preform, and hearing the story about the Quadrille Dance.

JANUKA dancers are phenomenal. They have brought the past into the present time. With Beverley and the full commitment of the group, I am sure they will go from strength to strength, sharing and teaching the present and next generation.

I have now joined to be “A Friend of JANUKA”, supporting the group whenever possible and at shows to help their deliverance. Hope you can be a Friend of JANUKA too. Ask for details.

Lomel Walker – March 2023.

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