Januka Coordinator Beverly Bogle

Beverley Bogle – Coordinator
“Keeping Quadrille dancing alive – preserving our cultural heritage with pride”

JANUKA (Jamaican Nurses in the UK and their Associates) is an all female adult Quadrille dance group based in South East London.

We are not a registered company/charity, but operates as a small voluntary, self-funded, non- profit making, local community group.

We have been dancing quadrille for over 5 years in a variety of settings and on special occasions across the UK.

Our past is important to build our future

We believe that knowledge of our past is important to build our future, this motivates us to use the quadrille dance, with its accompanying music, to educate as well as entertain. We tell our story of our ancestors will to survive enslavement in Jamaica through the medium of dance.

The ultimate aim is to promote positive awareness, pride and respect for our Jamaican cultural heritage, across generations, within our multicultural society.

Welcoming those who share our values

We enjoy dancing quadrille, and welcome committed individuals who share our values and want to join our group.

Over the years we have been receiving extremely positive feedback on our performances and workshops from organisers and audiences, both verbally and in writing, encouraging us to continue this positive and important legacy.

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