Tribute to JANUKA by Ella

My first experience of JÁNUKA was in September 2016, when I was invited to attended “An Evening with JÁNUKA”- “The Will To Survive” Part 2.

I did not know what to expect, but went with an open mind. It turned out to be quite a spectacular evening with the parading and outburst of colours, cultural dances and folk songs, along with rhythmic music and hospitality. My passion for the uniqueness of the Jamaican Culture, a culture that encompasses a great deal of music, dance, proverbs and folk song, was truly reawakened.

The Quadrille and other traditional dances demonstrated that night were awe-inspiring, taking me back to my childhood days in Jamaica where I had heard about some of these dances but never actually witnessed them.

The Bruckins Party, Kumina, Tambo, Dinki-Mini and Pocomania/Revival demonstrations were outstanding, and once understood, send positive vibes of fulfilment and symbolism of the perseverance of our ancestors. It all reminded me of a common Jamaican saying “Ole time sinting cum back again”

By the end of the evening I felt empowered and very appreciative of JÁNUKA and their aims and objectives to educate and raise positive awareness of our Jamaican cultural heritage within our communities. “Oh how I wish I was a part of it all.”

In January 2017, I was delighted when Beverley, JÁNUKA’s Coordinator, invited me to become a friend and member of the group. I gladly seized the opportunity to rekindle with the past, learn more of my culture and to be associated with a group of heart- warming, thoughtful individuals, who are passionate about their culture and the willingness to share this uniqueness with others.

Two years on and I am just absolutely loving it. It has been an amazing year for me as I am able to be a part of the spectacular showcase. I have been very busy in a fun filled way, in that I have been privileged to be invited to participate in the numerous activities that JÁNUKA members are involved in. These activities range from entertainment (privately and community- based), to workshops in schools, churches and youth groups.

I know I have a lot to contribute to society and now realise that being a member of this prestigious group is an excellent medium to reach out to the society.I came to this conclusion after asking myself three questions and answering them..

(1) Is this an organisation I am proud of? …Yes indeed!!!!
(2) Is this an organisation that reaches out to the community, incorporating young and old? Yes it is!!!!
(3) Is this an organisation that opens its doors to welcome friends? Yes it does!!!!

I recommend JÁNUKA to anyone who wants to learn more about Jamaican culture and heritage and love to dance.

Become a friend of JÁNUKA today!!!!!!

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