6. The Church Service – Street Parade – Awards Ceremony

The Church Service – Day 6 – A Blessing

Early Sunday morning and we were taken to the Catholic Church in town, dressed in our bandana costumes, along with the other International groups.

Many of us are not Catholics and were unfamiliar with the order of service, however we soon felt at home when we were greeted by the Priest, who spoke English and was of Polish descent.

“I was quite taken aback at how accommodating the members of the congregation were, as they all brought their harvest baskets as an offering to the Priest”

We listened and watched the islander’s responses to the Priest’s instructions and were able to relax and enjoy the service, with the little knowledge of French we have. It was a blessing.

  • Catholic Church Service

The Street Parade – Day 6 – Novel experience

The street parade, from the Catholic Church to Salle des Fetes, was a new experience for us. We were apprehensive because we were not completely prepared for this pageant in the hot midday sun. However after some contemplation and hearing and responding to the beat of the drums, we soon started to march and dance along the route with the other knowledgeable performing groups in front of us.

There was such an array of colours, dance moves, and mystic music from the drums. Fun and excitement filled the air. Flags from the different groups were flying high in the heat of the sunshine and that gave the morning the vibrancy of it all.

We proudly carried our Jamaican flag and exchanged friendly greetings with the crowd lining the route, including the Mayor and other dignitaries.

“It turned out to be a most enjoyable, exhilarating and liberating experience – a spectacular Caribbean carnival experience”

  • Street Parade

The final Awards ceremony – Day 6 – Gratifying experience

The festival culminated with an awards ceremony after the street parade. All participating groups dressed in their vibrant costumes, gathered in the huge hall at Salle des Fetes. On arrival at the hall we were pleasantly welcomed with champagne and canopies and ushered to our seats.

Each group was thanked for their participation in the festival and group leaders were presented with trophies and gifts from a member of the festival organising committee.

“This event was a true realisation of the concerted effort in organising the Festival and the sheer numbers of people who took part.”

It was so lovely to see the little children on stage dancing the Haute -Taille quadrille at the awards ceremony and to hear that it was to be included in the primary school curriculum in Francois.

  • Our host Sabrina with a local dancer at awards ceremony

Videos courtesy of Town of Francois.

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