4. Observing other styles of Quadrille Dancing – Groups bonding day

Observing other Quadrille dancers – Spectacular experience

When we were not scheduled to dance, we were taken to venues to observe other groups dancing. The atmosphere at these venues full to capacity could be described as celebratory, expectant and appreciative.

As expected, the dancers, in an array of costumes, were sophisticated, energetic and elegant in their performances of varying lengths and styles.

“The similarities, differences and variety of interpretations of the Haute – Taille quadrille were noticeable. The choreography and music are so different to our silently executed dance routines to pre-recorded orchestral music”

“It really was an eye opening, creative and memorable time and we were able to take away elements of some dances that we might at some stage incorporate in ours”

  • Festival dancing example

Groups bonding day – Day 5 – Togetherness

Another highlight of our trip was the ‘Fun Day’ at Espace Filia. The location in this big open space was perfect. The day was arranged by the organisers for all the dance groups to mix and socialise together, to eat together and to teach and learn each other’s dance movements. We all had a fantastic time together.

“It was just wonderful…it was a great opportunity for us to get to know members of the other groups and enjoy dancing together. “I just loved the experience and didn’t want it to end”

The mixture of English and French languages enabled some of us to practice speaking in the other language.

“I felt as though this get together grounded us to the Caribbean roots of quadrille. We were all tied and connected via the different types of quadrille dancing in the Caribbean. This was further sealed for me when all groups got the chance to teach each other parts of the other groups’ dance steps”

  • Groups Bonding day - with Mayor of Francois
  • JANUKA demonstrating at Groups Bonding Day
    JANUKA demonstrating at Groups Bonding Day

Videos courtesy of Town of Francois.

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