The Ascent of my Quadrille Dance Journey

It was an August Bank Holiday Sunday, the year 2014. My household and I were celebrating the birth of a girl child into our family, at a huge function hall in South East London.The reggae music was flowing sweetly, the guests singing out loud and dancing with much energy.

Abruptly, the music ceased. We heard rhythmic sounds of our drums moving closer and closer, louder and louder. We, the guests were asked to move back and create a space as four impeccably dressed people wearing authentic Jamaican traditional attire came out dancing so rhythmically and elegantly.
The guest pressed into the dancers, again reducing the dance arena so they could witness every precise and deliberate movement the dancers made.

This was the first time I was experiencing this dance, although, I have since learnt that my maternal Grandparents danced quadrille regularly. I was totally enthralled and mesmerised by what I saw. I was so intrigued; I felt a special connection to my late Grandparents and all my ancestors.

I purposed in my heart there and then – I WANT TO BE PART OF THIS!

Time has passed, its January 2017, and I am a participant of this immense trail, conveying aspects of our culture. Quadrille is an entertaining and real part of our culture that has stood the test of time. A dance we made our own by putting our African stamp on it. A dance which softens, soothed and comforted the Spirits of our ancestors, and those who dance it today.

Every-time I dance the quadrille I hear my ancestors smile; I see them gather together saying pass it on!  Pass on a breath-taking glimpse of OUR STORY for all to be in the know.

By Grace – Januka Dancer & Singer.

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