JANUKA Achievements (2018) : Quadrille Dancing in Private Settings

During 2018, we travelled near and far to entertain, educate, empower and inspire positive awareness of our Jamaican Cultural Heritage, to multicultural audiences of varying sizes, age groups and formality. Many verbal, non-verbal and written encouraging feedbacks were received.
Comments included:

“Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for your wonderful performance at our Family Day event. Everyone enjoyed the music and dance. It was the highlight of the night….It was also a joy that our guests were able to join in and learn new skills. Your entertainment contributed to the success of the occasion. We hope that we may have the pleasure of your company again….”

“A wonderful experience that bounds our heritage and culture in a workshop that allowed our older members and the younger ones to share special moments dancing in formation. Many thanks”

“This is a wonderful and enjoyable day for me. I learnt a lot about our heritage today. The quadrille dancing was very interesting; the dancing kept my feet tapping and was very enjoyable. I tried my best in dancing but had to sit out part of it. Thank you very very much”

“Excellent fun! Very informative 100%. A wonderful combination of entertainment, education and joyful spectacle. I look forward to seeing you again somewhere, sometime”

A big Thank You – from JANUKA

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