Why I dance quadrille

I danced to: celebrate my life; inspire others to get up and move; to release tension, and to give honour and praise to the Almighty.

Dancing quadrille brings many opportunities for me to connect with others to promote Growth, Harmony and Peace. From an historical point of view, I am always reminded that our ancestors were involved in the revolution of finding and using available means to maintain their spiritual freedom. From a health point of view, it is a great source of relaxation; it is an instrument to maintain balance in thoughts and physical activities; it promotes spiritual awakening and intellectual enlightenment.

I imagined, it must have inspired our ancestors to learn to use the legacy of principles that had helped them to look beyond their circumstances with a determination not to be wiped-out, but to have heirs to tell their stories, and continue with the reconstruction process. I am encouraged, by memories of them to dance in celebration of their resilience, fortitude and resolve, never to give up.

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