Educating & Entertaining

Telling the story of survival of enslavement in Jamaica through the medium of dance

Promoting Jamaican Culture

Proud to promote the Jamaican Quadrille dancing in the UK, across all communities, cultures and age groups.

Affirmation of inner strength

Quadrille dancing is an affirmation of the inner strength, wisdom and resilience of our ancestors.

JANUKA Achievements (2018) : Introduction

The year 2018 was another action-packed, exciting, fun filled year for JANUKA dance group. As well as dancing the quadrille in public and private settings, we facilitated dance workshops in community halls, day centres and at private events. We also had many requests to sing Jamaican folk songs, with audience participation, as an integral feature […]

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Tribute to JANUKA by Ella

My first experience of JÁNUKA was in September 2016, when I was invited to attended “An Evening with JÁNUKA”- “The Will To Survive” Part 2. I did not know what to expect, but went with an open mind. It turned out to be quite a spectacular evening with the parading and outburst of colours, cultural […]

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JANUKA Achievements 2017

2017 was another successful year in achieving our goals, i.e. to entertain, educate, promote and inspire positive awareness of our Jamaican cultural heritage. JANUKA enjoyed dancing the quadrille at 21 private and public events and facilitated 14 quadrille workshops in local schools.

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Tribute to JANUKA by Joan S

Tribute to JANUKA: by Joan S Joan’s Tribute – “Lang run …Shaat ketch” In 2006, I attended a charity function to raise awareness of the need for Black and Minority Ethnic bone marrow donors. JÁNUKA Quadrille dancers performed at this event. I was duly impressed by the energy and enthusiasm emanating from them, and the […]

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An evening with Januka… by Carmen and Sheila

By popular request, JÁNUKA plans to host another evening of music, narrative and dance in September 2018, in celebration of our 12th anniversary. This event entitled The Will to Survive Part 3 – “Independence” will be the third in a series of themed performances. The previous two events in 2015 and 2016 were entitled The […]

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The Ascent of my Quadrille Dance Journey

It was an August Bank Holiday Sunday, the year 2014. My household and I were celebrating the birth of a girl child into our family, at a huge function hall in South East London.The reggae music was flowing sweetly, the guests singing out loud and dancing with much energy. Abruptly, the music ceased. We heard […]

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Tribute to JANUKA by Mr. Desmond Clarke (Quadrille Instructor)

Tribute to JANUKA: From Mr. Desmond Clarke (Quadrille Instructor) on the occasion of our 10th Anniversary celebration. THE REAL PERSON WITHIN THE SLAVE Congratulations JANUKA on your tenth anniversary. May you continue to serve your purpose and achieve your goals indefinitely. What you are experiencing here this evening, ladies and gentlemen, entertaining though it may […]

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Januka event

An evening with Januka – The Will to Survive Part 2

The Will To Survive – Part 2 Saturday, 10th September, 18:30 – 23:00 We tell an incredible story of our ancestors’ efforts to redeem their humanity, reconstruct their family structures and cohesive communities, post-emancipation. Entertainment include: Reflections on lived experiences of the freed slaves Quadrille and other cultural dances Audience participation in folk songs Celebration dancing […]

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JANUKA Summer events 2015

JANUKA QUADRILLE DANCE GROUP Invites you to our summer fund raising event at Trinity United Reformed Church Hall: Januka summer fund raising event 27th June 2015: 10am – 4pm Trinity United Reformed Church Hall Faversham Road (off Stanstead Road) Catford London SE6 4XE Table Top Sale, Jerk BBQ & other Caribbean delights as well as […]

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januka quadrille dancers

Our ancestors lived experiences through the quadrille dance: Pt 4/4

This is Part 4 of a list of 15 dance figures/sets.  You can read Part 1,  Part 2 and Part 3 for the full list. Part C continued. 14. Free Spirited Dances Free spirited dances are symbolic of our ancestors’ free spiritedness, inherent love of music and dance and freedom of expression. Dancing is choreographed to a selection of reconfigured quadrille […]

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