Educating & Entertaining

Telling the story of survival of enslavement in Jamaica through the medium of dance

Promoting Jamaican Culture

Proud to promote the Jamaican Quadrille dancing in the UK, across all communities, cultures and age groups.

Affirmation of inner strength

Quadrille dancing is an affirmation of the inner strength, wisdom and resilience of our ancestors.

African head wrap

Factors influencing the design of our costumes

1. Our African ancestors’ dress code: Africans love to “dress up”. Emphasis on appropriate dress is apparently central to all social, economic, spiritual and cultural functioning in African societies. Ritual dressing for special occasions required covering the body in visually attractive clothing. The wearing of animal skin and leather; face and body scarring and painting; […]

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Tribute to JANUKA by Gennette Edwards

Hello Beverley and the JANUKA group, Congratulations on all your past events and launch of website. The launch evening was so lovely and must have been very special for everyone. Januka has achieved a lot over the years. My favourite aspect of the group is their sense of respect, dignity and pride in promoting Jamaica’s culture, history […]

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Tribute to JANUKA by Caspar James

I met members of JANUKA first at a fundraising party in London and was immediately overwhelmed by their warm hospitality and boundless energy; dancing quadrille in between serving up courses of delicious food and fine drinks! I was determined that they should come to Norwich where myself and my organisation, Culture Crossroads, have put on […]

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Januka bandana costume

Descriptions of JANUKA’s costumes

1.The Bandana Costume The costume for women consists of a wide ankle length bandana skirt gathered at the waist. The skirt is designed in a “three sister” style with frills of white lace in between each tier. A crinoline is worn underneath to hold the skirt out, giving it extra bounce. A bandana waistband is […]

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Tribute to JANUKA by Pauleene Hammett

I first met Beverley, your group co-ordinator, in 1976 when we trained together to become midwife teachers at the Royal College of Midwives. After a 7-year career break, we reunited and worked together in midwifery education for the next 20 years!! I first became aware of Januka in 2005 as Beverley started to talk about […]

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JANUKA Jamaican Quadrille Dancers Costumes

JANUKA Jamaican Quadrille dance group currently wear 5 different costumes, described below. We choose what to wear, based on the formality or informality of an occasion, or on the request of our sponsors. Different Jamaican Quadrille dancing costumes Our costumes are meant to convey the message of a unifying force, our place of origin, our […]

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