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Januka bandana costume

Descriptions of JANUKA’s costumes

1.The Bandana Costume The costume for women consists of a wide ankle length bandana skirt gathered at the waist. The skirt is designed in a “three sister” style with frills of white lace in between each tier. A crinoline is worn underneath to hold the skirt out, giving it extra bounce. A bandana waistband is […]

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JANUKA Jamaican Quadrille Dancers Costumes

JANUKA Jamaican Quadrille dance group currently wear 5 different costumes, described below. We choose what to wear, based on the formality or informality of an occasion, or on the request of our sponsors. Different Jamaican Quadrille dancing costumes Our costumes are meant to convey the message of a unifying force, our place of origin, our […]

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